Does your hair go back to normal after a relaxer?

Can relaxed hair revert back natural?

The only answer to this question is no. “There really is no such thing as stripping relaxer from hair because once texture has been removed, you can’t put it back,” says Miko Branch, former hairstylist and salon owner, and brand founder of natural hair brand Miss Jessie’s.

Can relaxers permanently change hair texture?

I’ve reviewed a number of articles on the issue and most indicate that while relaxers can permanently damage your scalp or follicles, they do not alter the curl patter of your hair as it grows.

What happens if you stop relaxing your hair?

No lye relaxers can still harm the scalp if left on long or applied on to the scalp instead of the hair. Relaxers are irritants and need to be placed on the hair with care. … Many clients who stop relaxing their hair who have flaky scalp, notice less itching and dryness once they stop using relaxers.

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How long does it take for a hair relaxer to wear off?

six to eight months

How can I get my relaxed hair back to natural?

Start by cutting off a few inches of your hair, and then once a month cut off ¼-½ an inch of hair. Over time you’ll have removed all of the damaged, relaxed hair to above the demarcation line, allowing your natural hair to grow more strongly. Cover up your new growth.

Does relaxer ruin your hair?

Because hair relaxers contain lye, they can damage your hair and scalp if used incorrectly, and even cause hair loss. … This process leaves the hair weak, brittle and prone to breakage. It can even burn your skin, cause permanent damage to the scalp and lead to hair loss.

Can you permanently change hair texture?

Your hair texture is largely dependent on your hair follicles. There is not much that you can do to change your hair texture permanently.

Is it true that your hair changes every 7 years?

So while it is true that your hair changes consistently over time, the seven year cycle applies to less and less of our head as you age. “As time goes on, the part of our hair that cycles every seven years is increasingly restricted to the back of our head,” says Wesley.

How can I permanently remove relaxer from my hair?

Since relaxer cannot be stripped from your hair, the only way to get rid of it right away is to cut it all off. This haircut, often called the big chop, removes all of your relaxed hair and leaves your natural hair to grow out on its own.

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Why does relaxed hair break off?

The relaxing process breaks down the protein bonds in the hair to achieve straightness. … If the hair is exposed to too much protein, this can cause breakage as there needs to be a balance between protein and moisture within the hair strand.

Why you should not relax your hair?

If you notice your hair is thinning, or you are experiencing hair loss, relaxers can make the problem worse, causing you to lose more hair. In a case where there is permanent hair loss, meaning the destruction of hair follicles, it is a good idea to stop relaxing your hair.

How often should you wash transitioning hair?

Remember to make sure each section is securely back in place before you move onto the next. Co-washing should be your primary option on cleansing transitioning hair, but every so often – whether every week, every two weeks or every month – it will be necessary to shampoo.

Does natural hair grow faster than relaxed hair?

Growth rate

Hair growth rates are pretty much the same whether the hair is natural or not. Many see a difference in growth rate not because the hair grows faster, but because there is growth retention with lack of hair breakage, shedding, and loss. Relaxed hair is also capable of retaining growth.

How do I get my hair back to natural?

How to Go Back to Your Natural Hair Color

  1. Decide Why You’re Going Natural. …
  2. Ask Your Stylist for a Plan. …
  3. Be Strategic with Your Last Coloring. …
  4. Use High-Quality Products. …
  5. Accept the Growth or Chop It Off. …
  6. Take a Hair Growth Supplement. …
  7. Use Self Tanner. …
  8. Before and After Photos from my Journey.
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